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Managing Your Irrigation in Winter

  • Winter is the ideal time to service your irrigation systems before the mad summer rush;
  • Avoid the inconvenience of having a pump malfunction in the heat of summer by servicing them now;
  • Change irrigation scheduling for winter requirements: Not only is over-watering wasteful but it is detrimental to the health and balance of your garden;
  • Install management devices such as the Rain Bird wireless rain-sensor to take the guess work out of your irrigation scheduling;

Wireless Rain-Sensor

  • The problem we face, especially in the Cape winters is knowing exactly how much to irrigate. Why not take the guess work out of irrigating by installing a wireless rain-sensor?
    • This rain sensor detects rainfall and how much rain has fallen, it can then be programmed to delay the next start cycle of your irrigation system!
  • The Rain Bird Wireless Rain Sensor is compatible with all irrigation computer models!

  1. Net saving in water;
  2. Net saving in electricity (pumps);
    1. Increase longevity of pumps by reducing irrigation cycles,
    2. Decrease your carbon footprint
  3. Save on maintenance costs
  4. Water is imperative for plant growth, while too much water can have the opposite effect - stunting and hindering plant growth!

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